Corporate Profile

Global Maritime Ventures Berhad (GMVB) was incorporated on 19th May 1993 as a vehicle to manage the RM500 million fund under the Government’s Shipping Venture Fund (SVF). GMVB is a subsidiary of Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad.

GMVB is a marine venture capital investment holding company incorporated to accelerate the development of the country’s maritime industry. As the country’s principal venture capital provider in the maritime industry, GMVB’s mandated role is to develop the national shipping business sector through building strategic alliances with local partners to jointly acquire vessels for domestic as well as international operations.

Going back to its mandated role, GMVB is set to reposition itself as the country’s premier maritime venture capital in order to fulfill its role in developing the national shipping business and to align itself to the new strategies for growth and improved performance. Apart from continuing to pursue acquisitions of diversified range of vessel types to enhance yields while improving versatility and adaptability in meeting varying shipping demands, GMVB plans to achieve this through portfolio diversification to include 3 new business segments i.e. shipyards (ship repair), commercial and technical maritime consultancy and maritime training (training berths and smart partnerships).